Guilin, Yang Shuo, Xing Bing

Dickís painting in the Ten Mile Park

Salindaís painting,Ten Mile Park

Artists with their finished paintings.

She just couldnít leave them alone.

The ride back seemed farther

After bicycling we went to the village of Xing Bing and checked into the CNT Hotel. Tourist season is over here so we got a luxury room cheap.

Monday, Oct. 23. Photo shoot near our hotel at the famous twin peaks shown on the 20 Yuan bill.

We took a motorcycle taxi to the old village of Xing Bing. Itís been here for 1700 years. So was our taxi. Our driver complained all the way and the old bike stalled twice.

Salinda is beating the drum in front of the oldest building in the village, the Chinese Opera House.

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