Wednesday, November 1.

Plein-air time! We took some time away from exploring Wuzhen village to get in a little painting.

I had just completed a sketch of a passenger boat and bridge when “The Birdman” came by. Locals told us he goes by every morning with his “sea eagles.” (Osprey) I erased my first sketch and started over.

Salinda’s painting of a boatman and Moon Bridge.

Dick’s sketch, “Street Scene.”

No, this is not church. Na Xin and I are enjoying Chinese Opera.

Plein air painting is popular in China. Salinda attracts an admirerer

What artist could resist this view of Wu Zhen from the water.

Dick’s pen and ink sketch of “Birdman and Sea Eagles.”

Plein air painting tends to make the artist hungry. Time for a late lunch.

Dick’s painting of the water scene.

Salinda will finish hers in studio.

Sketching the street scene. I am happy with the painting, but unhappy that I have caught a cold.

The bridge at night.

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