Friday, Nov. 3 (continued)

After lunch went to Oi Garden (aka the “Couples” garden for culture and painting..

The Garden Bridge is a favorite site for photographers and artists.

Salinda’s painting of Couples Bridge

Dick’s painting of Couples Bridge

Dick’s sketch Cang Lang Ting Park

I was again a featured attraction for kids at Cang Ling Park.

Finishing up in our Air B&B flat.

Salinda’s painting, Cang Lang Ting

Dick’s painting Ke Garden stone boat

Salinda’s Ke Garden stone boat

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Sunday, Nov. 5  My cold worsens. We stay in our flat all day. I sleep, Salinda paints. Salinda’s family gets involved to improve my condition. Xiang Hua (Lucy) is on Salinda’s “We Chat” hourly with medicine and food suggestions.


Monday, Nov. 6

I am feeling better after massive doses of Chinese and Western medicine. We go to Ke Garden park to paint the Stone Boat.

Saturday, Nov. 4,  I rested in the morning trying to shake my cold. We went to Cang Ling Ting Park in the afternoon to paint.

View in Cang Ling Ting Park

Salinda painting the Stone Boat

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