Wednesday, Nov. 8, Back to Beijing

We returned to Beijing via bullet train. We arrived at the Beijing South train station at 3:20 pm where Na Xin met us to drive us to Nanmofang  and take Du Pei and Ting Ting to their home. Beijing traffic was at a standstill when she tried to drive to her home. Donald Trump and his fleet of SUV’s caused main arteries to be closed in an already congested commute. She arrived home after 9:00 pm.

Thursday, Nov. 9.

We stayed close to Nanmofang recovering. Salinda ran banking and shopping errands. I watched exciting action on Beijing’s sports channel.


Friday, Nov. 10.

Mostly the same as November 9.

Saturday, November 11

We enjoyed a family dinner at Du Wei (Dewey) and (Xiang Hua) Lucy’s home with Zhang Xiao Jun (Ting Ting’s dad) Du Pei and Ting Ting. Dewey and Lucy set a fine table.

Ting Ting tended to Dewey’s 10th floor garden.

Please read from top down, left to right.

With Dewey and Ting Ting.

Xiao Jun, Ting Ting, and Pei Pei

We watched a few minutes of Dewey’s comments from a recent TV program. Dewey is regularly on local and national TV with his views on the Chinese and world economy.

Showing off wrist watches.

Group shot. These sugar glazed crab-apples are a favorite snack in Beijing. I am holding up mine for the photo… to much sugar for me.

Sunday, Nov. 12.

Four of Salinda’s colleagues from years ago came to Nanmofang for a reunion. In the Chinese tradition, they went to a nearby restaurant for lunch and conversation. This writer stayed home and worked on this blog.

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